Email Tools Bonus Offer

Email Tools Bonus Offer by Brian Wilson

Product Email Tools Bonus
Developer Jimmy Kim
Launch Date November 1, 2016
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Niche Email Marketing
Product Price $39.00 monthly $49.00 *One Time Purchase*

Jimmy Kim has done it again. Email Tools is a must have for anyone using email for business. This set of tools obliges it easy to drive traffic, clicks, and participation with your emails. This amazing platform is a state-of-the-art cloud based suite that gives people the power to spacecraft the perfect Email by dealing with the 4 most crucial aspects of Email Marketing Engagement Urgency Personalization Feedback

Special Bonus Offer

Bonus 1
Email Marketing Made Easy 
What you will learn:

  1. How to Use Teasers
  2. Here is what you get inside:
  3. Email Marketing Basics
  4. Be Tuned in to Your Subscribers
  5. Keep You Emails Short and Sweet
  6. Write With Your Own Personality
  7. Make Great Headlines

much more…

Bonus 2
Email Copy That Sells 
What you will learn:

  1. Hot email subject lines
  2. Write as if you’re writing to a friend
  3. The first line in your email body
  4. Scarcity, deadlines and limits
  5. Things to avoid
  6. The power of questions
  7. All-important call-to-action
  8. The “cliffhanger effect”
  9. Write with excitement & emotion
  10. Special characters
  11. Using specifics & numbers
  12. Links that motivate & look appealing
  13. Start with a strong opening

much more…

Bonus 3
Email Copy Blueprint
What you will learn:

  1. Develop Your Own Products
  2. The Long and Short of Emails
  3. What to Write First When Crafting Email Copy
  4. Affiliate Promotions
  5. The Daily Email
  6. Less Is More Profitable
  7. Personalize Your Emails
  8. Put This One Thing in Your Subject Lines and Watch
  9. Action Plan: Day 2 and Beyond
  10. Emails that Get Results
  11. Action Plan: Day 1
  12. Content Emails
  13. Monetizing Your List

much more…

Bonus 4
Email Marketing Step By Step Guide
What you will learn:

  1. 8 List Building Mistakes to Avoid
  2. List Building Landing Page
  3. Cross promoting your list
  4. The Importance of Email Marketing
  5. Email Marketing – The Introduction
  6. The 4 Stages of Email Marketing
  7. Broadcasting Live Email
  8. The Basic Science of Marketing
  9. Follow-up Email Sequence

much more…

Bonus 5
Email Nuts and Bolts
What you will learn:

  1. Email Links & Click-trough’s
  2. Advanced Email Marketing Tricks
  3. Basics of Email Marketing
  4. Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
  5. List Building Essentials
  6. Writing Compelling Email Headlines
  7. Email Copywriting Essentials

much more…

Bonus 6
Email Marketing Mastery
What you will learn:

  1. Why You Must Write Your Own Emails
  2. Track the Success of Your Campaigns
  3. How to Properly Format Emails
  4. Make Money from Your Subscribers
  5. How Often Should You Be Mailing
  6. Writing Headlines for Your Emails
  7. This 42 page e-book and video will demonstrate what you are going to discover:
  8. The Biggest Email Marketing Myth

much more

Bonus 7
Email Marketing Profits
What you will learn:

  1. Advanced School Of Thought
  2. Daily Impact
  3. Secret Tips
  4. Fresh Leads
  5. Content Techniques

much more…

Bonus 8
Email Profits Formula
What you will learn:

  1. Getting Recipients to Take Action
  2. Promo Email Types
  3. Responsive Brainstorming
  4. Mistakes to Avoid
  5. Great Subject Line
  6. Expert Formatting
  7. Email Body Importance

much more…

Bonus 9
Email Marketing Master
What you will learn:

  1. Complete Elements
  2. Providing Value
  3. Signature Linking
  4. Subject Lines
  5. Follow-up Sequence
  6. Monetization
  7. Email Width

much more…

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